Atwood Alarm GAS & CO Gas Combination Detector - RV MAGIC
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Atwood Alarm GAS & CO Gas Combination Detector


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Sensing BOTH LP & CO Gas. For use on boats and RV’s.  The alarm employs a new electrochemical sensor designed by Atwood that contains a proton conducting membrane which generates a current in the presence of Carbon Monoxide (CO).


LP & CO Gas Alarm protects your family by detecting both LP & CO Gas.
Uses Atwood’s patented fuel cell technology
Dual Power Source: Uses both chassis and battery power
Flush mount design with loud alarm
ETL listed and tested to UL 1484 & CSA 6.19.01 for residential and RV applications

The Atwood LP CO Alarm operates in six separate modes.
1) Power Off Mode: Visually indicates sufficient and insufficient power to the alarm.
2) Gas Sensing Mode: Continually monitors gas concentrations to ensure they’re at acceptable levels.
3) Alarm Activate Mode: Indicates that one or more gas concentrations have reached unsafe levels. Visually and audibly alarms to alert to potential dangerous situation.
4) Alarm Test Mode: Visually and audibly verifies proper alarm operation.
5) Alarm Reset/Stabilisation Mode: Silences audio alarm for 6 minutes. Verifies proper alarm operation. If gas concentrations are still high after the six minutes the alarm will sound once again.
6) Fault Mode: Indicates a fault has been detected that compromises the alarm. COnsult your manual.


  • The alarm must be wired into the vehicle 12V DC system and directly connected to the house battery through an appropriate fuse. A second power wire allows a connection to an auxiliary 12V DC battery for additional protection.