Essential Motorhome Accessories and Parts for your Journey
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Motorhome accessories

Essential Motorhome Accessories for your Journey

Planning to take next trip in a motorhome? Well, if yes; then there are some handy accessories, which you should carry for a great trip.

If you want to get best from your motorhome; you need to understand what kind of accessories you require to get the most from it.


These days a trip or a vacation is incomplete without the use of some electronic gadgets and keeping these charged up and ready to go is a important consideration. Therefore it is important whenever you purchase or rent a motorhome; make sure that it is fully compatible with the various electronic accessories, which will cater all your trip needs. RV Magic can help retrofitting your motorhome to suit these needs.


One of the best motorhome accessories that you can carry on your next trip is a portable solar panel (if your motorhome isn’t already fitted with one). It comes with a variety of different capacities depending on your power usage and house battery capacity. If you need help calculating the correct size panel or batteries for your motorhome, then please contact us for free advice.

Kitchen tools

Another important set of accessories to carry on your next trip is kitchen tools. Ranging from a set of melamine plates and bowls, utensils, and kettles; a good selection of kitchen tools can be helpful during your vacation.

Pots, cups, pop-up bowls, and other storage units can also make storing and cooking easier much easier for your complete trip.

Browse our motorhome parts nz selection for a full range of our products or particularly our kitchen equipment here.